Future Plans

Student Mentorship

Considering the importance of a mentor and guide in one’s life, we will introduce the system of Student Mentorship at GVRS. The idea is to match every student with one teacher who would be responsible for the overall development of the student. Apart from teaching in the school, the mentor will have some extra responsibilities to ensure that the student is not facing any problem (academic or non-academic) in the school. The mentor will also act as the first point of contact for parents and guardians. Parents can track all the student related activities through the mentor of their child. The responsibilities of a mentor

  • To act as a bridge between students, school, and the parents
  • To help and guide the students in various circumstances
  • To coordinate all the activities of the students, including the Student Houses
  • To act as the first point of contact for the parents and guardians and provide any information required by them regarding the growth of their children.
  • To regularly monitor the progress of the students and to suggest and implement any existing or new ideas for the development of the students.

Career Counseling for the students

The exposure of our students to the outside world is very limited. Awareness of the benefits available to them for higher studies, such as quotas and scholarships, is low. After completing Class X, many of our students do not have a clear idea of what they want to do next or what are the options available to them. The immediate concern is the fact that they are not, as yet, sufficiently empowered to go through the process of decision-making and implementation on their own, given that most of them are first generation learners and cannot expect much knowledgeable support from their families. A Career Guidance Cell (CGC) would be set up permanently at Gram Vikas Residential School, Kankia, to effectively resolve this situation. It will have basic resources such as computers, access to the internet, a printer, a scanner, as also a private space with comfortable seating arrangement where counselors and students (along with parents or relatives) can meet and discuss various matters. This Cell will take up the following activities:

  • Preparing a portfolio of each student in Class X based on their family background, academic and co-curricular achievements, and their future goals and interests;
  • Organizing exposure visits and trips on a monthly basis to professional spaces such as post offices, banks, markets, public parks, museums, panchayat offices, railway stations, bus stands, colleges, etc.
  • Organizing talks by professionals from various fields;
  • Collating and updating information regarding various educational opportunities after Class X and major career options.


  • Preparing and updating a database of colleges and educational institutions and the courses they offer and the locations where our students might prefer to get admitted to.
  • Act as a repository of information about matters such as quotas and scholarships, documentary requirements, bank loans for education, etc.
  • Conducting one-on-one and small group sessions with students of Classes IX and X on an ongoing basis;
  • Function as a Resource Centre during Junior College (+2) admissions and help students apply for colleges; and
  • Preparing an alumni database for the school and maintaining contact with ex-students at least up to the point of their completion of education.

Inter School Science, Sports & Arts Competition

An inter-school science, sports and art competition would be organized to provide a platform for showcasing talent as well as to promote a healthy competitive environment among students of different schools. This interschool competition will be an open exhibition event for students’ parents and students from other schools. This event will be organized for 7 days. Following are the events that will be conducted as a part of the Competition:

Science Model: This will consist of scholastic and co-scholastic areas such as Science Projects, Math Club, Science Quiz, Science Exhibition, Social Science Models, etc.

Sports Events

Arts Events such as:

a) Performance Art with Aesthetic Skills such as music – vocal and instrumental, dance, drama, theatre, folk art forms, etc.

b) Creative skill events such as drawing, poster making, slogan writing, on-the-spot painting, craft, sculpture, puppetry

c) Literary skill events such as debate, declamation, creative writing, recitation.

    Teacher Exchange Program

    The teachers of GVRS will visit some other renowned schools for a period of 2 weeks. The GVRS teachers will engage with the teachers of that school as well as students through discussions, activities, etc. The teacher exchange program will be a unique experience for teachers as they understand and explore the teaching methodologies utilized by other renowned schools. It will help the teachers to recognize key distinctions that set these schools apart from other schools. The aim is thus to familiarize the teachers with new methodologies and approaches to accelerate the learning process of the students. Following are the schools identified for the Teacher Exchange Program:

    1. Riverside, Ahmedabad
    2. Rishi Valley, Madanapalle
    3. Vidyaranya High School, Hyderabad