• GVRS has an impressive infrastructure, a committed cadre of teachers, a well-functioning residential high school and above all, the trust of the tribal communities which helped to make this vision of education for children of, mainly, tribal families forward.
  • GVRS encourages a healthy interaction between all stakeholders of the school – parents, students, teachers, staff & management. Students are encouraged to ask even the most obvious of questions so that they truly understand and learn what is explained. This goes a long way in building the child’s confidence. 
  • Parents are encouraged to meet the teachers for any reason so that there is no communication gap. They are always welcomed by our school authority. From us, we try to attend every parent who comes to us with any kind of issue. GVRS acts as a platform for continuous learning for both the teachers and the students. It nurtures their curiosity to develop a learning attitude.
  • Safety & security is a trademark of GVRS. Every child is looked after with the same care & dedication by all staff, teachers & management as it is a residential school. A feeling of a “home away from home” is prevalent in the heart of every student.
  • Dedicated teachers who regularly undergo refresher & training courses ensure that students’ interest in the subject taught by them remains high. In case, a student needs additional help in a particular subject, the respective teacher will sit down and work out a schedule to solve the problem.
  • Overall, we are committed to best practices in education and the greatest measure of our success would be confident, happy, and responsible young adults who pass out of this school.


  1. Gram Vikas High School
  2. Gram Vikas Shiksha Niketan 
  3. Mahendra Tanaya Ashram School 
  4. Gram Vikas Vidya Vihar